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  • BSTJ — Bell System Technical Journal …   Acronyms

  • BSTJ — Bell System Technical Journal …   Acronyms von A bis Z

  • Delta modulation — Principle of the delta PWM. The output signal (blue) is compared with the limits (green). These limits correspond to the reference signal (red), offset by a given value. Every time the output signal reaches one of the limits, the PWM signal… …   Wikipedia

  • CCD-Sensor — Hochempfindlicher CCD Sensor für die Astronomie CCD Sensoren sind lichtempfindliche elektronische Bauelemente, die auf dem inneren Photoeffekt beruhen. CCD ist hierbei die Abkürzung von Charge coupled Device, welches im CCD Sensor ebenfalls… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • George C. Southworth — George Clark Southworth (* 24. August 1890 in Little Cooley, nahe Athens Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania; † 6. Juli 1972 in Chatham (New Jersey)) war ein US amerikanischer Hochfrequenztechniker. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Leben 1.1 Hohlleiter 1 …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Golomb ruler — OGR redirects here. For the OGR programming library, see GDAL. Golomb ruler of order 4 and length 6. This ruler is both optimal and perfect. In mathematics, a Golomb ruler is a set of marks at integer positions along an imaginary ruler such that… …   Wikipedia

  • Kernel (computer science) — In computer science, the kernel is the central component of most computer operating systems (OS). Its responsibilities include managing the system s resources (the communication between hardware and software components). As a basic component of… …   Wikipedia

  • Nonblocking minimal spanning switch — A substitute for a 16x16 crossbar switch made from 12 4x4 crossbar switches. A nonblocking minimal spanning switch is a device that can connect N inputs to N outputs in any combination. The most familiar use of switches of this type is in a… …   Wikipedia

  • RLC circuit — A series RLC circuit: a resistor, inductor, and a capacitor An RLC circuit (or LCR circuit) is an electrical circuit consisting of a resistor, an inductor, and a capacitor, connected in series or in parallel. The RLC part of the name is due to… …   Wikipedia

  • Communication Theory of Secrecy Systems — is a paper published in 1949 by Claude Shannon discussing cryptography from the viewpoint of information theory. It is one of the foundational treatments (arguably the foundational treatment) of modern cryptography. It is also a proof that all… …   Wikipedia

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